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Micky Blue

online sales up with factor 3

Micky Blue sells children’s clothing in a physical shop in Oosterbeek and online at mickyblue.nl. Some sales were taking place online, but given the brands being sold, there was much more potential. That is why an SEO approach was chosen, consisting of a number of things. Within 11 months the number of keywords was doubled and the amount of traffic was a factor 4. Also the conversion rate went up by 70% as the quality of organic visitors went up.


For SEO, it is important to have a logical site structure and menu structure. Junk corner may sound nice, but Google’s bot doesn’t know what to do with it. More logical is outlet, for example. Google does understand that word.

During this process, all categories and subcategories are logically arranged and products placed under the right category.


A very important social media channel that many businesses ignore is Pinterest. Webshops with lots of visual content can get huge traffic through the automatic link to Pinterest, and search engines take clicks from Pinterest to site into their ranking algorithm.

Within six months, the MickyBlue Pinterest channel already had more than 25,000 monthly views.


Besides backlinks, content is one of the most important ranking factors for search engines. The content plan was divided into 4 parts before the start.

  1. Quick wins
  2. Brands
  3. Main and subcategories
  4. Blog


The quick wins mainly consisted of rewriting home page text and short introductions in an SEO worthy manner. Based on the keyword research, this was relatively easy.


The brands page listed all the brands being sold, but the description of the brands was either not there or it was a copy of the brand’s own site. This is seen by Google as theft and is usually penalised.

Popular brands often have a high search volume and what has made these pages rank is that they have unique content as well as fun and useful facts. For example, a children’s shoe brand says how to find out what size shoe a child has.


If the main pages are SEO optimised, it is always wise to supplement the main and subcategories with SEO content. For example, the gifts page with a text about what kind of gifts MickyBlue sells and the subpages with, for example, maternity gifts and toys with a specific text about that.

Our approach was to first add content to all the main groups and then add content to all the subcategories per main group.


The blog is still under construction as not all the content for the main and subcategories have been written yet.


External links are important, but so are internal links. As content is written over months, the trick is to remember which links should be placed in ‘old’ content.


An online shop often consists of many pages and so a lot of content is needed. We took care of the basics ourselves, but to write the rest of the content, we found someone for MickyBlue to take care of it. This is cheaper and is not our strength as an agency. The person who now handles the content for MickyBlue is Nicci Severens who stands for continuity, quality and speed at an affordable price.